An Eligible Writer…

Here is a list of the work I’ve had published in 2018. They are all eligible for the Nebula, Hugo and Canadian Sunburst Awards. If you are so inclined, you can nominate them. Each story was personal in its own way and I’m very grateful to the publishers and editors who believed in them. I am also forever thankful to the reviewers and readers for their kind words and support. I hope if anything, these stories make you feel hope in dark times.

“The Pull of the Herd” August 15, 2018 Anathema: Spec From the Margins. Queer animal brides who fight back! Read

Recommended by Maria Haskins Here Vanessa Fogg Here and Erin Wagner Here

“Tessellated” April 3, 2018 The Colored Lense #26 – Winter 2018. People are more than the sum of their scars. Read

“Propagating Peonies” March 27, 2018. PodCastle: Artemis Rising 4. Queer Love, Reincarnation and Self Fulfillment.



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