Speculative City

This interview I did with my good friend L.P. Kindred for Speculative City’s QTBIPOC issue was a joy!

Campfire Learn

Adam Bassett had great questions that made me think at Campfire Learn.

Fantasy Magazine

Arley Sorg did a roundtable interview with several great short fiction writers and some how included me! 🙂

Lit Reactor

I was lucky to be included in Sadie Hartmann’s Writer Resolution round up for 2022!

The Stabroek News

Nikita Blair did a wonderful write up of the Non-Western Gothic panel I was on at FIYAHCON, along with a great analysis of three of my stories for The Stabroek News, a Guyanese Newspaper. I didn’t know she was writing the article, so it was a great surprise when I discovered it! It’s especially meaningful to be covered in the Caribbean and to have my work recommended by Caribbean readers and writers.